Our mission is to promote the development of children, teenagers and their families in disadvantaged areas of Sao Paulo. Our pupils are taught a mix of social, artistic and cultural skills in order to aid their development. We also attach huge importance to the issue of the environment and we work in collaboration with professionals from varying health sectors and specialists in floral therapy. We are constantly improving our services by working closely with similar institutions for the benefit of the community as a whole.



We constantly research for the excellence of the services we are providing. In that purpose, we are sharing our experience with similar institutions in order to constantly improve the benefits for the public.



Our main value is Love : Love allows the people around us to grow. It is vitally important that everyone in our community feels loved and that they know we believe in them, this allows them to believe in themselves. We teach our students to take full responsibility for their actions. We stimulate the development and self-esteem of all our members whoever they are: students, educators and collaborators.


Our Story

For 23 years our work has been focused on rescuing children and guiding them into the labor market. Our work compliments the mainstream education system here in Sao Paulo.
When parents are off to work, their children, before or after school, are under our care, into our educational and recreational programs.
Here, the pupils can find courses of English, music, computer science and participate to workshops to prepare their entrance on the labor market or to explore their inner artistic sensibility.
We measure our success according to the impact we have on the lives of those we have cared for. We continue to work to bring a better, healthier and more proactive life to the kids and their families. We see the result of our work with their smiles, their behavior changes, we also observe a stronger family participation in the expressive increase of their self-esteem. We evaluate our results by the changes we observe in their lives, in the way they act in their communities and in the society as a whole.


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Drops of Solidarity

You or your company can help us with one or more solidarity Drops, becoming partners in an effective and recognized social project that has been operating since 1993.

Starting at $500 monthly you can have a real impact and be an actor of social change. Notes will be sent monthly for payment proof to the companies that may benefit from fiscal deduction.

Your company logo will appear on our home page with a direct link to your company's website, confirming your social action.

To participate, fill out our Contact form.

Friends and Godparents

You can contribute to the NGO projects through the Friends and Godparents Program.

As a Friend of Gotas you help us maintain programs and activities for the pupils, visit our premises and participate to certain events, without connection to a specific child.

As a sponsor you can follow the progress of a particular child or teenager by visiting the entity or by exchanging emails. It is a very rich personal involvement experience for the sponsor and the child.

With our monthly fixed contributions starting at $50 you help us to cover this cost.

You can pay online through this site, or you can receive the monthly ticket at home.

Click here to fill out the contact form, our team will quickly return or call (11) 5093-0883.

Become a volunteer

The Volunteer Program exists since 1993, receiving number of volunteers, both individuals or business volunteers, to participate in our activities within the entity, at some events or from home.

You can participate in the monthly meeting, which always takes place on the second saturday of each month, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., at Vicente Leporace Street, 495 Brooklin Street. If the third Saturday falls on a holiday or a holiday amendment, please call (11) 5093-0883 to get a confirmation of the date of the next meeting.

Corporate volunteering is also welcome, send an e-mail to the board of directors at diretoria@gotasdeflor.org.br , with the information about your company, then we will schedule a meeting and jointly design the action to be developed with your collaborators. We have experience with group volunteering.


The financial contributions are very important for our activities.
Originated from individuals, they can be made via the internet through the UOL Pagseguro or PayPal services, or by bank deposit in the name of Social Program Gotas de Flor com Amor - CNPJ 71.740.732 / 0001-66 - Bradesco - Agência 3263-8 - C / C 063656-8.

We remind that contributions of individuals in this modality are not deductible from Income Tax. You can also contribute as an individual by assigning up to 6% of your Income Tax to Gotas de Flor via FUMCAD - see below.

As a legal entity, in addition to deposits, you can still contribute in other ways:

- Participating in Gotas de Flor with monthly contributions of R $ 500,00 to R $ 5,000, you or your company can participate in our work, establishing a partnership with an already established and recognized social project that has worked with results since 1993.

- Contributing to Gotas de Flor as OSCIP. You can direct up to 2% of the Income Tax due to the entity's Projects. No cost to you, it is an enormous great value to us.

- Donating through FUMCAD (Municipal Fund for Children and Adolescents) - companies can direct 1% of their income tax due, and individuals up to 6%, participating in our work.

- Donating by means of the Rouanet Law, (federal law of incentive to the culture used to raise funds of cultural projects). For companies, income tax deduction of 100% of the amount donated limited to the equivalent of 4% of the amount of tax due.

- Donating your tax note from São Paulo. Gotas de Flor accepts donations of non-CPF invoices for registration in the Nota Fiscal Paulista program and thus benefits from the credits. To do so, one must request the notes without the CPF's indication and send them to Gotas not later than the 10th of the month following the issuance of the document. It is also possible to donate the credits of the São Paulo invoice program to Gotas de Flor. On the website there is the option to redeem the person's current account or donation to a Registered Social Organization.


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Our Address

Rua Vicente Leporace, 495 - Brooklin - Sao Paulo - SP (11) 5093-0883 / (11) 5049-2274 gotasdeflor@gotasdeflor.org.br